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Well Grounded

L&M’s founder, Joe McGee, has been grounded in produce his entire life. After spending his early childhood on a small family farm, he moved to Raleigh where his father went into the produce business. When Joe got a little older, he began working at the Farmer’s market in the early mornings, and driving delivery trucks in the afternoon. Early on, Joe enjoyed the relationships of the business. He would travel to Florida buying fruits and vegetables, bringing them back to Raleigh to sell locally.

In 1964, Joe founded L&M with his friend Bob Logan. Bob Logan moved on after the first year to open a retail nursery, but his “L” in L&M stuck around. Today we feel “L&M” stands for so much more. It stands for our values – respect, passion, leadership, and excellence.

After more than four decades of hard work and growth, we are still well grounded in the principles that started with Joe McGee – unyielding integrity and a dedication to long-term relationships.

Well Grounded … Years of growing

Joe has always kept his love for the farm. In 1973, he ventured into farming with longtime friend, Charlie Corn in Palatka, FL. Today, L&M still grows cabbage, greens, potatoes, and broccoli on the same land with Charlie’s son, Larry. Soon the farming ventures expanded, and L&M became well grounded in many different commodities up and down the east coast. Today, L&M operates farms in many of the major growing areas throughout the United States.

Well grounded … Serving you

L&M is grounded in helping customers succeed by giving them control throughout the supply chain – farming, packing, logistics, and sales.

We are farmers and crew leaders, warehouse managers and logistics specialists, export sales specialists and product managers.
Getting the right product to you at the right time is a goal that drives every member of the L&M team. We understand your needs and know what it takes to get the job done.