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Employer Introduction

Maple Wood Farm has been raising potatoes since 1935. Now in our 5th generation, we remain a family operation who grow, pack and ship potatoes with the utmost care and attention that only years of experience can produce.

The size of our farm has grown through the years to produce hundreds of acres of potatoes annually along with wheat and barley rotations. This has allowed us to employ 15 full-time employees along with another 10+ seasonal employees. Most of whom have been with our family operations for 15+ years.

Our area, the Pacific Northwest, has become synonymous with quality, and even more so consistent quality, year after year. The naturally irrigated soil and moderate temperature provide ideal growing condition that produces the best color and skin finish you’ll find throughout the country.

Great care is taken throughout the growing process. We utilize the latest technology and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) when farming. From precision planting via GPS to minimal chemical and fertilizer usage due to, again, our naturally fertile soils of the area.

At Harvest the spuds are treated like eggs to avoid any unnecessary bruising. We then bring them to our Packinghouse where they are washed, sized and inspected to ensure the highest quality and grade our customers have come to expect.

Throughout, the farm we have implemented a very extensive Food Safety Program that meets and exceeds all industry standards. This program is audited annually by a 3rd party auditor to certify our compliance of these standards.

Our goal at the farm is to produce and provide consistent premium quality potatoes, and that is what drives us to make all these different aspects of the farm a top priority.