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Employer Introduction

Marengo Foods Company, LLC is a company dedicated to the distribution and marketing of its own crop, grown in Mexico, with several locations in a country that allows a year round program and consistent supply of its products.

Based in Dallas, TX and with a distribution network that is integrated all the way from the packinghouse in Mexico, to the entry point in South Texas (McAllen), ending at the distribution centers of our customers. We have our main distribution warehouse in San Juan, TX where we receive all the product coming in from Mexico; from there we distribute to all areas in the country. In Dallas, we run our own repack operation and distribution network in a place that allows us to serve our customers - even with short notice.

Our items are Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Eggplant, and Hot Peppers. Our food safety programs have the highest standards in place, which allow us to deliver our products to any retail or foodservice account in North America.

Marengo Foods Company, LLC was formed in August of 2009 as a partnership between three well-established growers. This partnership was the result of continuous improvement studies and statistical analysis that showed us the need to come closer to our customers.  This allows us to bring the freshest and safest product to the consumer in the most efficient and cost effective way.