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Employer Introduction


The mission of Measure to Improve is to help agricultural producers and processors measure, improve and credibly promote their sustainability efforts. We believe the driving force behind sustainability starts with a good business case. We set out to discover the economic savings that also translate into environmental benefits. We show companies how to stay ahead of mandates and appeal to the growing segment of environmentally conscious buyers.


Our vision is to shape and mold what sustainability is in the California produce industry; to help define sustainability and translate economic and environmental benefits between the seller and buyers. Measure to Improve will become the “go-to” experts in the produce industry for how to account, report, improve and identify new sustainability measures with real ROI.

Our vision is that we will become the de-facto authority on how California Produce companies can use sustainability initiatives to increase profitability, gain market visibility and customers, engage employees in continuous improvement, and help define the regulatory landscape.