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Employer Introduction

More than a company, we are experts at bringing fruit direct from the fields to thousands of tables all over the world.

We grow, package and sell berries, the sweetest source of antioxidants: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. We also offer subtropical produce: avocados and mangos.

Thanks to the care and passion we apply to every process we can guarantee fresh fruit, unique flavors of the highest quality which make the trip from our fields to such countries as Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Canada.

Defying outdated conventions we’ve made the leap to fair trade practices, assuring satisfaction to customers who seek a mindful life. In each one of our fruits we’re exporting freshness, quality and flavor.


We work hard to provide you with a fair trade option when buying produce. We firmly believe that quality is our primary advantage, so we consciously watch over each process with optimal practices at each step and compliance with all quality standards. We want to put the freshest, healthiest fruits, those we’ve grown with love in our fields and orchards, into your hands. This is our mission; the reason we get up every morning.


We’re grateful for a team of people firmly committed to quality and safety at each step of the process. With their support and ongoing efforts we’ll keep growing and innovating to expand and improve our land under cultivation. We’re at a point of seeking to increase our offerings, production and exports through an efficient operational structure that allows us to guarantee satisfaction to everyone who chooses our fruit.


Our motivation every day comes from a desire to work with passion, positive focus and creativity. We build these practices into each area, process and task. As we implement innovative methods, our job is simplified and gratifying results follow. Through each of our collaborators’ own personal and economic development, we strengthen ourselves as a business and can face any challenge: teamwork compounds our individual efforts and gives us a good chance to be competitive.


By taking on the responsibility of involvement in each of our processes, we can assure complete customer satisfaction. The main duty we have is to share, the freshest, most nutritious and tasty produce with families throughout the world. We meet this need day ­to ­day, fully committed to fair labor practices, the environment and global trade. That’s how we like to do business; by simply putting our philosophy into action.