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Employer Summary

MEVI Avocados is a proud Mexican company with an international spirit. It was founded in 1974 as a family-owned business by Don Javier Medina, who began his career in the industry as an avocado producer. In 1994, MEVI consolidated as a company and began commercializing its goods and bringing its passion about the avocado to other countries, including Canada in 2000, followed by the United States three years later. MEVI’s operations include avocado packing plants in Michoacán and Jalisco, which also entails a state-of-the art extra virgin avocado oil plant; a distribution center located in South Texas, and representative offices in both Mexico and the United States.

From the beginning, MEVI was interested in making avocados and their derivatives available across a wide population, knowing that their health benefits can improve the quality of life for our consumers. As years went by, this objective became firmly established as MEVI reached beyond the borders of Mexico and into the international markets that are now the company’s primary focus.

Today, MEVI’s products are present in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, China and more. MEVI"s successful expansion into these complex markets was achieved through the introduction of innovative products that support a healthier lifestyle.

MEVI is committed to supplying exclusively healthy products, like fresh avocados and its derivatives. We combine professionalism with integrity in all aspects of our business, including team members and suppliers.