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Employer Summary

When you think produce, it’s not out of the ordinary to think green fields, friendly farmers, or simply that beautiful looking fruit and vegetable display at your local grocery market. At Mondo Fresca Produce, we know these all too well. Coming from a history of farmers from Sicily, Joseph DiBennardo and his father, Salvatore DiBennardo, are experts in the produce industry. With a combined experience of over 35 years, Mondo Fresca has evolved in a short period of time. Founded in 2011, Salvatore’s son, decided to take what he has learned from his father, and applied it to best serve all of his customer’s needs.

Serving restaurants, hotels, and markets in the south bay; Mondo Fresca, is quickly becoming the fastest growing produce company of its era. The produce industry is evolving, and customers’ needs are always changing. Joseph is here to modernize the industry with his young talent, while making sure each and every one of his client’s needs are met. Satisfaction is not only guaranteed, it’s the only way. When you do business with us at Mondo Fresca, you are not only our customer, your family.

Let’s change how we look at produce; making the world fresher, one delivery at a time.