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Employer Introduction

Our story starts in 1973 in Houston, Texas with a foundation rooted in traditional russet potatoes. At this time, Hoffman began noticing trends in restaurants and understanding what consumers and chefs were looking for regarding fresh produce. It became evident to him that items featured on many restaurant menus would eventually wind up in grocery stores, as customers would request these products ed in Houston, Texas, which serviced restaurants steamships along the Gulf Coast region.

In the beginning, the foundation of his potato business was rooted in traditional russet potatoes. However, the business quickly evolved towards Yukon Golds as these potatoes began to gather a lot of interest. As the demand grew for Gold potatoes, Cary expanded his vision to other varieties of potatoes too. He searched the globe for the best performing varieties that were relatively unknown in the US. These varieties originated in countries such as Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, England and the West Indies.

With all of our retail and food service partners, MountainKing Potatoes tries to take the same approach that Cary used to build his business. By understanding our customers and constantly studying evolving consumer trends, MountainKing is proud to offer the world’s best tasting potatoes.