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Employer Introduction

National Produce Trading Company’s roots go back over 100 years ago to when William Rosenstein opened up a wholesale produce company in Scranton, PA. 
Over the past 4 generations the Rosenstein family has grown and created new branches to its organization based on industry needs and trends.  In 2009, we saw the need for an FOB buying and selling division to help assist in direct product procurement for both in house business and external customers.  We have been able to use our great grower relationships of old and combine them with new alliances to allow us to have a ton of buying power along with a great credit rating and name. 
At National Produce Trading Co, our philosophy is a team-based concept. No one operates by themselves, as tons of invaluable information is shared every day.  We have offices in IL, WA, PA, NJ, GA, TX, and MO.  This allows us to serve our customers all over the country with a wide variety of both domestic product and international product from all over the globe.  It is with this teamwork, diversification, and relationship-based business that we have found our keys to growth and sustainability. Your success is our success.