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Employer Introduction

Starting with just one truck, the family cultivated a network of relationships between local farmers, shippers and importers.  We then leveraged these relationships to consolidate services and meet the needs of our customer base. Our objective was clear, find out what our customers needed so we could procure and deliver to them. By approaching the business from this angle, we were able to build a framework of a solution-based distributor. Nature’s Produce now carries a full line of fruit, vegetables, dairy, cheeses, frozen, paper and grocery goods.
The first generation of the Nature’s Produce family was involved in every aspect of the business. These were the core fundamentals our company was built upon. The visions of growth potential coupled with hard work manifested into a consistently growing company. This provided the framework and opportunity for the second generation to now join. The same values and principles were instilled into the second and now third generation. Each generation has learned everything from the most fundamental aspects of the business and industry in order to acquire the knowledge necessary to take over the responsibilities of the company. This hard work, determination and tireless dedication has helped scale our business for growth and success.
Nature’s Produce is now being run jointly with the second and third generation while still being a family owned and operated company. We have expanded to having a distribution network throughout the Southwestern United States with more than 70 trucks shipping daily. Nature’s Produce has taken our model and built a brand new 150,000 square foot facility specifically designed to most effectively service our customers.
Our new state of the art facility is the home for the current Nature’s Produce Family. As being one of the largest distributors throughout Southern California, we have been fortunate enough to maintain wonderful long-term partnerships between our growers, customers and terrific employees. As a procurement, distribution and logistics specialized company we realize that interdependence is a critical part of our success. We view all our partners as part of the Nature’s Produce family and will continue to do so for future generations to come. 
Our family’s mission, values and devotion remain strong. Our business is to serve and support all our partner’s businesses. No customer, grower or employee is ever looked at as just a number. We never lose sight of our focus—to serve our customers and their businesses with the highest quality product and service. Nature’s Produce measures its greatest achievement by watching their customers and partners thrive in success and prosperity.