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Employer Introduction

Nor-Cal Produce, Inc. was founded by Daniel and Linda Achondo on June 1st, 1972 with the philosophy of providing the highest quality produce at the best possible price.  Our mission continues today with the second generation of family running the business where we are still focused on providing our partners with the best quality produce at the best price possible.

Dan Achondo, Jr. is our Director of Procurement and has five buyers that report directly to him.  We have two conventional buyers, two organic buyers, and a specialty/Hispanic buyer.  We also have a five person floral team that has grown our floral business to become over 2.5% of our overall business.  We are the largest wholesaler of conventional and organic produce and floral in Northern California with organics being over 30% of our business last year.  Our 85,000 square foot facility, built in 2002, allows us to service over 235 retailers in Northern California, Southern Oregon, and Northern Nevada.  Given our dedication to retailers, we certainly understand what retail business partners need.  We have serviced Hawaii and Guam and we are experienced in servicing the needs these stores have regarding quality and service. 

Our commitment is to provide our partners with the highest quality produce and floral at the best possible price.  We are relentless in our pursuit to provide our partners with new items and innovative display solutions. In addition, we will work with your Director of Produce in contract negotiations, ad pricing and overall produce needs.  Our priority is to focus on the quality of product in order to reduce shrink, and most importantly to grow our partner’s sales by having the freshest product and greatest variety in their stores.  Our goal is to increase sales with the quality that we provide and to prove that our philosophy can work in all demographics.