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Employer Summary

Past, Present and Future

Oasis Organics was created by owner and farm operator, Sutton Morgan. Sutton grew up in the farming community of Brawley, CA and after college began farming organics alongside his parents and brothers. Sutton fostered a passion for organic farming and realized the importance of cultivating quality organic crops. So he launched Oasis Organics in 2009 to better serve the international organic community as a certified farming, packing and sales company. Sutton continually strives to instill the principles of quality and integrity into his operation. As a grower he uses the knowledge passed down through three generations of family farmers to produce quality crops, while focusing on continually developing and implementing progressive organic and sustainable farming techniques to better protect the environment and its precious resources. On the farm and beyond Sutton and his Oasis Organics team work hard to make certified organic crops more readily accessible by integrating a variety of agricultural operations. Working alongside family, fellow farmers, industry leaders and organic consumers, Oasis Organics endeavors to ensure the availability of quality organic produce, feed and seed worldwide.

Certified Organic

All our crops are grown organically by USDA organic standards and are certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).  We can say with the utmost respect for organic integrity and honesty that no harmful synthetic and chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used in the production of our crops. Among other industry wide requirements, we must undergo stringent auditing and screening processes in order to verify the organic integrity of our crops and we are proud to provide to you updated certification of our organic status.  Click below to view our organic certification.

Food Safety Is Key

At Oasis Organics, we are committed to providing food that is free of harmful contaminants and pathogens. For this reason, we have strict food safety practices in place. By adhering to Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAPs) and following industry supported Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) we ensure that we do not put the health of our consumers at risk.  In addition to the ongoing audits performed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA), Oasis Organics hires independent third-party auditors to assure our growing and packing conditions surpass government regulations and our own standards. We thoroughly monitor our facilities and regularly inspect the land, soil, water, and fertilizer for contaminants and other potential hazards.  Immediate corrective action is taken in response to any potential hazards to ensure we consistently provide produce, feed, and seed of the highest quality.