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Employer Introduction

With our grower partners, we bring over one hundred varieties of fresh produce from more than twenty-five countries, to markets across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Simply put, Oppy connects fresh fruits and vegetables grown around the world with the people who enjoy them. By serving growers and buyers alike, we streamline this complex transaction around the globe, hundreds of times a day.

We provide our growers with a steady, dependable market that brings them maximum return on their investment and efforts. Oppy works with them, and for them, from seed to sale. With our experience and knowledge of world markets and conditions, we can help them develop innovative new varieties and capitalize on new opportunities for growth. We safeguard product quality and safety, from the fields to the front line.
Simultaneously, we provide our buyers with a consistent stream of quality fresh fruits and vegetables, plus marketing support to help maximize sales. This creates a larger market for the growers, which ends up being good for everybody. It’s a win- win-win situation.