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Orbis - Innovation In Produce, LLC

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Employer Introduction

Orbis Innovations in Produce is a global importer of fresh, organic produce, supplying wholesalers and retailers around the U.S. and Canada. We offer a direct connection from grower to consumer, ensuring our fruits and vegetables are of the highest quality and have that just-picked flavor.

Established in 2016, Orbis Innovations was founded by Elvis Obregon, a fresh produce specialist. Prior to launching Orbis, Elvis spent more than a decade sourcing products for wholesalers and retailers while also developing direct grower connections in numerous countries. 

“I began Orbis Innovations out of my passion for providing consumers with a taste of the freshest organic fruits and vegetables,” says Elvis. “But our business isn’t focused only on the end-user. Our mission also includes the development of our partner-growers, supporting their well-being and organic farming best practices. We work closely with them to plan, grow, harvest and ship produce to provide unmatched quality and freshness.”

Orbis Innovations imports produce from Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Chile and Ecuador. We have two divisions: Orbis Fresh, which includes all of our fresh and organic products; and Orbis Frozen, our frozen line of products. 

We currently offer over 30 different fruits and vegetables and are continually adding new varieties and seasonal products. Throughout our operations, we follow the SQF code, upholding the highest standards for food safety. From farm to fork, Orbis Innovations carefully considers the environmental, economic and social impact of growing and distributing fresh produce.