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Pacific Plug and Liner

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Employer Introduction

Our Facility
Pacific Plug & Liner was founded in October 1999. We are located on the beautiful California Central Coast with a climate ideal for plant production. We have approximately 250,000 sq. ft. dedicated to growing young plants.

In 2008, PP&L installed 1 acre of outdoor benches to take advantage of the sunshine and mild weather. Our perennials and select specialty plants are hardened off outdoors from spring through fall.
Pacific Plug & Liner features a state-of-the-art production facility, ensuring consistent and superior quality. Our facility includes rolling Dutch containers, irrigation booms, Argus environmental controls, high pressure fog system and hydronic bottom heating. Orders and Inventory are managed by the PICAS software system. This system allows us to track our inventory and crop schedules in real time, ensuring consistent quality and timely delivery.

Delivering New & Innovative Plants
Every year we travel the globe in search of great new plants we can share with our customers. One might think we are tromping through forests in search of that great new perennial, when it reality we are meandering through a complex web of breeders, agencies and growers all looking to find a home for their great new plant. This global network of new variety enthusiasts are responsible for the yearly introductions of new varieties adorning retailer’s shelves and making their place in the customer’s gardens.
Pacific Plug & Liner is committed to high quality plant introductions that not only will make a gardener gush but will be a success for the grower as well. Our new products are taken through extensive trial and evaluations, making sure the best genetics come to market. You can ensure there will always be something new to see at Pacific Plug & Liner.

Come See Us
The best time to see our new and exciting varieties is at the California Pack Trials. Pacific Plug & Liner is proud to host the several companies in 2013 including Cohen, Hishtil, Jaldety, McConkey, MPS, Schwartz and Sunset Western Garden Collection. Each year we feature a extensive comparison trial of perennial and annual genetics.

You can also stop by anytime and say hello — we will provide you with a personal tour.