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Employer Introduction

PacPro is a leading grower, importer, and distributer of high-quality vegetables and fruits, based in South Florida. Pacpro farming operations consist of 63% wholly-owned by AGROKASA and 37% joint partnerships in Peru.
Each PacPro grower is carefully selected and has worked closely with us for many years and is committed to supplying our customers with the finest fresh produce in the industry.
Pacpro is dedicated to meeting the current and future needs of our customers in North America. Our strategic locations, thru our offices in Miami, FL and San Diego, CA provide an excellent understanding of the current market-consumer demands. All this ensure the continuous improvement in all business stages, aligning the interests of our clients as a target.

PacPro is engaged to be a leader as a premier produce supplier in North America, that fulfills the current market-consumer needs. PacPro commercializes and distributes, vegetables and fruits in fresh conditions. We are committed to continue offering as a trusted brand of freshness, quality and reliability.  

We envision ourselves as a leader in the produce industry. We will achieve this vision by growing/sourcing and delivering high quality of fresh products, all year round with a consistent quality. Our excellent farms and strong connection with the partners-growers as well, will maintain the commitment of quality that defines the reliability from the ground to the consumer of PacPro premises.
Pacpro will base its success in the timely adaptation to change by permanently fostering an innovation process that will generate value for the company.
Pacpro will be a company where employers will pride themselves on working towards the achievement of a high professional level, maintaining good relations with the community, being committed to occupational health and safety and respecting the environment.