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Employer Summary

Palintest is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with regional hubs in Australia, China, The Middle East and the United States.  Each region is served by an extensive distribution network offering a range of services from supply and logistics through to instrument maintenance and application engineering support. 

Palintes can trace our origins back over 100 years to Wilkinson and Simpson, Ltd., manufacturers of basic medicines and pharmaceuticals in Newcastle, UK.  In the 1940s, Dr. Palin worked on the original Palin System using DVD for measuring chlorine in water, now the global standard.  In 1983, Palintest became a part of the global Halma pic Group. 

We continue to support efforts in meeting the ever-increasing demands on water through efficient monitoring of resources.  Palintest technologies protect lives and the environment, assist with regulatory compliance, and facilitate system optimization.