Paskal Technologies, Inc.

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Employer Summary

At Paskal, we focus on providing state-of-the-art solutions for improving agricultural production in greenhouses. As a group of multi-national companies, we excel in the development, manufacture and supply of innovative, agricultural products, while aspiring to recognize and meet the challenges of today's agricultural needs.

Our in-depth research of greenhouse production and modern agricultural methods is geared towards gaining a deeper understanding of current limitations in order to develop more reliable, feasible and professional solutions.

For more than two decades, Paskal has been actively involved in the ever-growing market of greenhouse production, with wide-range activities in more than 70 countries around the world. Our goal: to provide solutions that lead to higher yields, lower production costs, improved productivity and increased well-being for all concerned.

We view agriculture as one of man's most significant and noteworthy achievements. In our perspective, agriculture is an international language – a universal culture. It exceeds boundaries and unites all who become involved in its multi-faceted range of activity, directly or indirectly. From within this versatile spectrum, Paskal has chosen to focus on the field of greenhouses, which serve as the spearhead of agricultural technology, by integrating the most advanced agronomic research and innovative developments into solutions rich in know-how.

Our commitment to direct and personal contact with Paskal clientele and employees is evidenced by our on-going efforts to maintain straightforward, accessible and productive working relations with each and every grower.

Among the company's varied areas of activity:

  •  Trellising products and systems for greenhouse production
  •  Substrate media and hydroponic solutions
  •  Monitoring of Crops and Decision Support