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Produce Alliance

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Employer Introduction

Starting in 1996

In 1996, we pioneered representing our customers to the premier grower/shipper community, providing access to the highest quality fresh produce under contracts which assured supply while managing cost and risk.

Independently Owned Distribution Network

Today, we specialize in providing fresh produce procurement and distribution services to food service clients across North America, the Caribbean and beyond. We manage an alliance of 48 independently-owned specialty distributors of fresh products, with combined produce sales of over $3 billion annually. They are carefully selected using the most rigorous qualification criteria. Each commits to full compliance with our audited distribution, purchasing, and category management programs designed for client success.

Financial Stability

Our outstanding financial stability and long-term contracting relationships with over 400 grower/shippers, enable us to enjoy superior access to fresh produce supply, commodity expertise, and new product innovations for the food service industry.

Produce Management Services

Produce Alliance doesn't own any of its members nor do our members own us. We collaborate within an open market, competitive model; putting client needs first while providing transparent execution and excellence in category management services. We have locations in Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville and Salinas, California.