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Employer Introduction

When you buy from us, you buy straight from the farm.

ProSource is committed to providing our customers with fresh produce through the integration of sustainable farming operations, safe, secure packing facilities, and efficient, timely shipping methods. We have the highest level of focus on customer service every day and bring each of our customers the personal attention they need in order to source the best of what they are looking for whether it be onions, potatoes, or any of our specialty produce items.

ProSource is a business that has truly been forged from the ground up. We are grower based and owned, and see ourselves as the next step in Agricultural sales. We source only the highest quality produce from our growers and partners who share our commitment to bringing our customers the best available product. We have established and maintain a rigorous food safety policy, and are fully devoted to our sustainable and environmental agricultural practices.

Here at ProSource we understand the roles of Agri-Business from the top to the bottom, and our highest priority is our customer service. We do not simply sell produce, but feel responsible for every step along the way.

Our state of the art product tracking system is a very important tool in connecting our growing partners to our customers. This program provides us with data identifying the exact grower and field that each product is sourced from. This assures that in the case of a trace back procedure becoming necessary we are able to use exact GPS coordinates to locate specific products, and where they came from.