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Employer Introduction

Three Generations of Family Farming

Planesa, the growing arm of Pure Fresh, is a third-generation family farming operation.  In the 1950′s, grandfather and company founder Roberto Castaneda decided to go into agriculture after a successful career as a journalist and a lawyer for the United Fruit Company.

Naturally adept, he soon became one of the three largest cotton growers in Guatemala, and as a result Guatemala became an important worldwide cotton producer. He was also the youngest secretary to the President of Guatemala.  Castaneda’s company also represented Delta and Pineland seed products in Guatemala for many years. During the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s Castaneda also raised cattle and horses.

Non-Traditional Sustainable Agriculture

Fresh out of Texas A&M with a degree in agriculture, the founder’s son, Roberto, had the vision of taking advantage of the micro-climates and unique geographic position of Guatemala to diversify the company business into non-traditional agriculture.

In the early 90′s he began growing and cultivating fresh raspberries, and in the late 90s he introduced blackberries. Planesa became the largest berry-growing and shipping operation in Guatemala.   Following the success of berries, Castaneda added in a vegetable growing operation in Guatemala.

Adapting to market changes and customer demands, the younger Castaneda took his successful business model to Mexico and started berry-growing operations there. Recently he established vegetable production in Mexico as well. In 2012 the company expanded its growing and shipping business into Chile with the objective of providing the marketplace with flavorful berries year round.

Pure Fresh Founded 2007

The Castaneda family founded Pure Fresh, the marketing and US-based importing arm of Planesa, in 2007. The entire produce operation is now fully integrated, allowing US and Canadian retailers and food service operators to work directly with the grower. As a vertically integrated company, Pure Fresh can control every step of the supply chain, which ensures higher quality products and food safety standards.  Pure Fresh is involved from the time the product is planted, packed, shipped and distributed.

Fresh Produce 365 Days a Year

Pure Fresh imports and markets fresh produce 365 days a year. The company works hand-in-hand with the parent company’s model farms in Guatemala, Mexico, and Chile to ensure a generous supply of the best and freshest quality fruits and vegetables to its loyal customers all year.