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Employer Summary

Rockit Global Ltd (RGL) is a New Zealand based company. We have been on an exciting growth path for the past 8 years, and demand continues to outstrip supply. As they say, “it’s a great problem to have.” With that being said, there is still much exciting work to be done. Short term we need to take care, communicate and manage our customers and supplies. Beyond that, our strategy calls for us to evolve and grow our customer base and expand as we grow our supplies.

RGL has the global exclusive rights to grow and distribute the apple variety PremA96, which is a fully mature miniature apple (Rockit™). The Rockit™ apple value proposition is based on the rising global demand for healthy, natural snacks that are ready to eat and packaged for on-the-go consumption. Rockit™ apples are grown, washed and packed into innovative, recyclable plastic tubes or cardboard push-packs for food safety, portability and convenience. The product is sold in 3, 4 and 5-piece tube sizes. Rockit™ apple is naturally nutritious, non-GMO, washed and ready to eat. The product is sold at a premium price in mass retail, convenience channels, including vending, campuses, theme parks, airports and hotels. The Rockit™ global brand is fresh, natural, innovative, healthy and premium.