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Employer Introduction

Roy Farms is a family owned, diversified farming operation that provides many agricultural based products and services. Roy Farms prides itself in developing and implementing new farm technology that enhances harvest yields and quality of all our premium crops: Apples, Blueberries and Cherries, as well as both Alpha and Aroma hop varieties. 

Since we arrived in the Yakima Valley in 1907, we’ve applied sustainability practices to all areas of our business and we encourage our partners to do the same. Sustainability is not a marketing buzzword. It is our way of life so we can farm the land we love for another 100 years. As a result, our crops are grown mindfully, our employees are cared for like family and our communities are supported to maintain a healthy place to live. 

Roy Farms is not only family-owned, but we see all employees as part of one family. All employees receive regular training on new processes and programs and we provide payment for external training and reimbursement for classes for those who are acquiring college degrees. Part of being a community is taking the time to have fun together and enjoy one another’s company, including end of harvest barbecues to eat together and get to know one another better. We don’t see employee health and happiness, environmental stewardship and business performance as competing ideals, they are equally important elements of our long-term success.