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Employer Introduction

At Sábor Farms, one thing we know for sure is that good food brings people together. In fact, Jess Quinlan was grabbing a burrito at El Charito in Salinas when he met Tony Alameda standing in line. They struck up a conversation and two years later, the Alameda’s and Jess founded Sábor Farms in 2006. Since that time the company has grown from a handful of employees to several hundred, finding their place in the market with niche crops that most people wouldn’t think to farm. We are constantly finding new ways to improve our operations, as specialty crops are often difficult for conventional farmers to grow.

Both the Alameda and Quinlan family are deeply rooted in the Salinas Valley and Yuma, making community an important value to Sábor Farms. We foster a culture where we treat our coworkers like family, our partners with integrity, and most of all, we aim to bring our customers together with unique and healthy vegetables.