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Employer Introduction

Our mission at Sensei Ag is to solve the global gaps and inconsistencies in nutrition, food safety and food security through the transformative power of data. Led by Dr. David Agus’ visionary research, we are rethinking indoor agriculture and building cutting-edge technology systems that can dramatically improve food quality and farm production.

As a leader in the AgTech and FoodTech spaces, we partner with expert scientists and farmers to identify novel ways to grow food and assess food quality. We seek to improve human health by cultivating delicious produce that provides exceptional nutrition.

Our journey to build a better, more stable food supply chain is just beginning. We will take the learnings from our pilot farm on Lāna’i around the globe, and through a combination of partnership, collaboration and acquisition, significantly reduce the time needed to build indoor farms at scale. By enabling growers with our innovative technologies, we will finally make controlled environment agriculture affordable worldwide so that one day all can experience the joy that is Sensei nourishment.