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Skagit Valley Farm

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Employer Introduction

Skagit Valley Farm is one of the largest vegetable producers in the state of Washington. We continue to achieve by hiring the best people, using and building technology, and developing new processes.
Founded in 2012, Skagit Valley Farm is a vertically integrated grower, packer, and shipper of both conventional and organic vegetables. We produce several crops at scale on roughly 6,500 acres in both western and eastern Washington. Skagit Valley Farm handles the sales and marketing of all its crops shipped to the fresh market (e.g. potatoes on a shelf at Safeway and broccoli florets or Brussels sprouts in a bag at Costco). Our persistent interest in and focus on the application of technology in the ag space led us to start a stand-alone Ag software and technology company, Automated Harvesting Solutions, focusing on the use of robotics to harvest vegetables.

Our Vision:
Skagit Valley farm will be the most efficient, the most productive and the most profitable agricultural production and operations company in Skagit Valley, WA. To achieve these goals, we will recruit, hire, train and retain the top talent available for each of our positions. We will be early adopters of technology and find unique and productive ways to adapt it to our agricultural practices. We will be excellent stewards of the resources at our disposal and always strive to lead rather than follow.