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S.M. Jones & Co.

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Employer Introduction

SM Jones and it's partners collectively farm 15,000 acres in Florida, Georgia, Ohio and New York. We also own warehouses and shipping points in each one of those states. Our diversified geography, strong farming ownership and 150 refrigerated trucks enable us to provide American grown, fresh produce all year round. 

Our partner, Alger Farms Inc.,  farms some of the warmest land in the United States. Just 3 miles from Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Homestead Florida has only frozen once in 30 years. Our South Florida growing season allows us to provide the best American grown winter sweet corn. Twin H Farms bridges the gap between early spring to summer. They grow fresh sweet corn in both South Florida and Georgia and peak around memorial day. 

In order to keep us spread out and safe from weather, Wiers Farm of Ohio and Turek Farms of New York farm simultaneously. They keep our summers filled with sweet corn, cabbage, an assortment of leafy greens and a variety of other products. Wiers farm has been around since 1896 and Turek is on the 4th generation. A combined experience of 200 years to bring the best American fresh produce we can offer.