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Employer Introduction

Consistent quality—delivered in quantity.

We understand that quality is of utmost importance, so we’re always growing our plants with an eye toward bringing out their best. Our team consists of outstanding growers who provide the proper care and nourishment needed to ensure choice blooms, time after time. Each year, we ship millions of plants throughout the Northwest, knowing that every one of our plants is going to someone’s home—perhaps yours—keeps us focused on providing you with the best plant possible.

Vibrant, colorful plants in bloom.

At Smith Gardens, plants are our passion. We understand the importance of every plant purchased, and take pride and care in selecting exactly which of our products ship into stores. We are not afraid to pass over plants that do not measure up to our standards, because we understand that every plant matters.

Quality plants for your lifestyle.

A beautiful garden adds a sense of accomplishment and beautifies our surroundings. The garden is a meeting place, bringing together neighbors to share the week’s harvest and families to plant the first annuals of spring. When we see people in their gardens, we are thrilled in knowing that as we continue to grow quality plants, we are ultimately delivering you the opportunity for a higher quality of life.