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Stadelman Fruit Company

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Employer Introduction

Stadelman Fruit Company was established in 1893 by Peter J. Stadelman in The Dalles, Oregon as a grower, packer, and shipper of tree fruits. Stadelman orchards are located throughout the Pacific Northwest, a majestic region well-known for pristine growing conditions. Oregon and Washington States provide the perfect farming climate of warm, arid, sunny days, and crisp, cool evenings. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil and fresh, cold, glacier water from surrounding mountains nurture stadelman fruit until it bursts with vibrant colors, aroma, and sweetness. Our farmers know how to carefully pick each fruit at the perfect time to ensure a crisp, flavorful, mouth-watering experience. Stadelman Fruit Company’s ideas, experience, and expertise, coupled with its unrivaled customer service and hi-tech facilities are preferred by top retailers. We stay immersed in the business of agriculture while being responsible stewards of the land. Stadelman fruit continuously engages in developing, and improving the science, technology, and sustainability of growing, inspecting, packing, and shipping fresh tree fruit.