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Employer Summary

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer value beyond energy savings by leveraging new technology to boost our customer’s profitability and control of operations. Stockman’s Energy strives to provide our customers freedom to build their core business while we manage energy specifics and create solutions to the cost-saving opportunities we identify.

Our Commitments

  • Acting in the best interest of our customers for our mutual benefit.
  • Successful completion of every project regardless of the challenges that may arise.
  • Building lasting relationships based on communication, respect, and integrit

Our Strategy

Stockman’s engineering uses a systems approach to evaluate resource reduction measures and propose solutions tailored to Central Coast Ag operations. By evaluating system performance we identify opportunities for you to increase profitability while gaining greater control over your system and data management.

  • Manage risks and regulations – equip your operation with tools to reduce risks from water and weather, stay ahead of regulations, and retain flexibility to adapt to future risks and opportunities
  • Enhance visibility and control – optimize irrigation water usage with real time soil and weather information delivered to your smartphone or laptop. Alerts, remote cameras and automated irrigation controls can reduce labor costs and provide you with a bird’s eye view of your farming operation
  • Strengthen marketing efforts – Tell your story of stewardship by tracking improvements in water and energy use.
  • Leverage financing and incentives – leverage incentives, zero% utility financing, and capital leasing to conserve cash and turn increased efficiency into new equipment and greater control
  • Save money – reducing costs is the same as making money. Invest in efficiency to increase competitiveness and earn a better return than the market can offer.