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Employer Introduction

Strella Biotech's proprietary sensors collect data throughout the supply chain to power first-in-class shelf life data. Coupled with decision algorithms for each supply chain segment, we're putting better produce on the shelf with less waste.

Proprietary Data
Predicting maturity requires specialized sensors that target the indicators of shelf life. We measure physiological gas outputs of produce as it begins to ripen. These emissions provide earlier and more accurate means of predicting quality than vision or environmental measurements.

Connected Supply Chain
Data isn’t transferred as produce moves down the supply chain, making the whole system inefficient. Strella is dedicated to a smarter supply chain that mutually benefits everyone, from grower to retailer.

Actionable Decisions
Every Strella solution is designed specifically for people in produce. All the data we collect is interpreted into simple and useful decision-making that integrates flawlessly into existing processes and data systems.