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Employer Summary

Headquartered in the high desert of southern Arizona near Nogales, SunFed is a successful and innovative fresh produce company with a passion for providing the highest quality fruits and vegetables, produced by the world’s finest growers. This passion and commitment to developing FRESH INNOVATIONS has earned SunFed a reputation for providing fruits and vegetables with extended freshness and consistent flavors, textures and colors. In addition to having pioneered innovative packaging, SunFed has pursued innovative techniques to extend shelf life, such as StePac’s Xtend® brand “modified atmosphere packaging” for fresh beans and squash, and bell peppers and cucumbers from our greenhouses.

SunFed is proud to be an industry leader in food safety, as this commitment is ingrained throughout the company culture and is backed up by technology, packaging and processes. SunFed employs a team of food safety specialists who have set the highest standards in the fresh produce industry. They administer internal audits to ensure that standards are routinely met or exceeded, and these internal checks supplement external audits by Primus Labs. SunFed and all of their grower partners are certified in all seven areas of food safety disciplines monitored by Primus Labs – and they work hard every day to maintain those certifications and, most importantly, to provide fresh produce of extraordinary quality and freshness that meets and exceeds all established local, state and federal criteria.