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Employer Introduction

We are the global leader in environmentally sustainable pest control

Our products use naturally occurring compounds such as pheromones. These ingredients are non-toxic, leave no harmful residues on food and do not leach into soil or groundwater.

We have a world class team with recognized experts in chemical synthesis, product formulation, entomology and agronomy. Their efforts drive a continuous pipeline that brings dozens of new products to market each year in over 30 countries. Our unique, state-of-the-art facility in Bend, Oregon provides the Suterra team with the capabilities required for leading edge research, production and quality control.

Suterra is grower-owned and part of The Wonderful Company®, an international agribusiness and consumer products company with over 180,000 acres of nuts, vines, citrus and fruit crops. Close collaboration with our sister companies provides a sharp focus on creating substantial financial returns for growers, by using our products as part of an overall Integrated Pest Management program. We also share The Wonderful Company's commitment to sustainable farming practices. This commitment is evident in our US-based Recycling and Refurbishment Program for our Puffer®, the largest of its kind in North American agriculture. Puffers are shipped back from the fields from all over the US, then refurbished and redeployed for multiple growing seasons. This delivers a "clean orchard" promise to our growers.