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Employer Introduction

California Terra Garden is a dedicated grower of fresh mushrooms & fresh cut herbs, located along the Pacific coastline in California.  As a company, we value integrity, service, and innovation, and strive to reflect these values in the produce we deliver to you. Terra Garden offers a broad line of products, focusing on safety and efficiency of all aspects of production, in order to ensure the freshness and high quality of our products.

We are UNIQUE. Terra Garden has three farms located along the Pacific coastline from north to south in California, with a total growing area of 1.5 million square feet.  The clean, cool and moist environment provides excellent natural growing conditions for our mushrooms.  With advanced technology and equipment, and aided by our 19 years of experience in mushroom industry, we insist on ecological cultivation and natural growing conditions. Because they are grown without any pesticides or fertilizers, the mushrooms that we produce are natural mushrooms with pure taste.

We are INNOVATORS. Terra Garden is dedicated to innovation in production, marketing and distribution to help deliver the freshest, healthiest produce to your table.  We want to be perfect, and it shows in the work ethic of our team. Every day, they're working hard to ensure these fresh and delicious mushrooms make it from our fields to your table in the best condition.   

California Terra Garden brings fresh ideas to your fresh living!