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Upstarts Organic Seedlings

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Employer Introduction

Upstarts has been growing and distributing organic seedlings since 1989. Located in the heart of the Monterey Bay, we operate two large greenhouses in Watsonville. Our primary focus is supplying seedlings to wholesale buyers at nurseries in the Napa Valley, and San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. One of the first bedding growers to be certified organic in the state of California, we have been certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since 1991.

Upstarts Organic TomatoesWe offer heirloom or hybrid plant varieties selected for their flavor and quality as well as local growing conditions, vigor and disease resistance. We watch for new trends in both the nursery and culinary industries and enjoy sourcing unusual and hard-to-find plant varieties for our valued customers.

Started from seeds or cuttings, seedlings can be transplanted when their growing needs require it. Starts can be purchased in bedding 6-pack containers, 4-inch pots, and 1 gallon containers ready to be taken home and planted in either containers or prepared beds.

We work diligently to meet the daily challenges of growing greenhouse material organically, as well as promoting, selling, and distributing our products. Our commitment to organic growing practices extends beyond the sale of our products. We encourage our customers to try new approaches or plants, and are glad to answer questions about organic solutions or home gardening questions. Upstarts Greenhouse

The Upstarts Organic Seedlings crew welcomes the opportunity to educate customers about the variety of young plants best suited for their growing conditions, as well as provide guidance about the importance of heirloom varieties and organic gardening as a whole.