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Employer Introduction

Upward Farms grows leafy greens and fish with the highest ecological and quality standards so that everyone can nourish their body, family, and the planet.  With 95% of leafy greens grown on the West Coast and 90% of seafood imported, our mission is to heal the broken food system and reconnect eaters with flavorful and nutritious local food.

We are inspired by nature and believe that by harnessing nature’s brilliance, we can share its abundance. We observe ecosystems as nature’s toolkit for creation, that all life is sustained in the interplay of animals, plants, and microbes (like bacteria and fungi).

Our farms marry modern vertical farming with the ancient farming practice of aquaponics. Aquaponics uses fish to fertilize crops in a complete ecosystem. In indigenous aquaponic practices, the fish swim directly below plants, and their manure makes the soil more fertile. We have revolutionized this technique by raising fish and plants in their own ideal environments within an intact ecosystem, achieving new levels of quality, safety, and productivity. 

We are driven by purpose. We pioneer farming methods that make people and our planet healthier. We are awed by nature’s complexity, celebrate its abundance, and learn from its
efficiency. We solve problems from first principles with nimble, cross-disciplinary teams. Do you have the gumption and creativity to help us change how and where our food is grown?