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Village Farms International, Inc.

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Employer Introduction

Village Farms has almost thirty years of experience in the hydroponics greenhouse industry. Beginning with just ten acres of greenhouse facilities, Village Farms today operates more than 262 acres, and markets  an additional 120 acres of greenhouse. We are the leading vegetable greenhouse producer and supplier in North America, and have earned a reputation in the industry.

Village Farms grows and markets greenhouse grown, high quality hydroponics produce throughout the U.S. Our varieties are available 365 days a year, and include a full line of hydroponics tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in a variety of colors.

Village Farms produce is sold throughout the US and Canada, in national chains and local supermarkets, under the Village Farms® brand name. Village Farms produce is easily recognized by its consistent superior quality and appearance.

What makes our tomatoes special?

Village Farms’ growing techniques respect 21st century sensibilitiess for environmentally sustainable and healthy foods. Village Farms embraces an intensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that uses beneficial insects to control pests and stimulate healthy plant growth. In fact, we are a leader in the IPM movement that results in naturally-perfect produce.

Our Hydroperfect® growing process also uses minimal water—far less than field growing—because we recycle and sterilize the water we use. Our water is recycled and used multiple times.  In addition, we don’t use animal waste fertilizers, so the recycled water that nourishes Village Farms plants cannot be contaminated by animal waste runoff that may carry deadly e.coli and other microorganisms. Our excess water is spread onto native grasses adjacent to the greenhouse for local cattle to graze upon.

Village Farms produce is pristine and bruise-free, because we only touch the vegetables when they are carefully hand picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. Our special packaging and gentle shipping methods protect the produce as it makes the short trip to the local market. The result is a perfect tomato, pepper, or cucumber that goes from plant to table in about three days or less. The produce looks, feels and tastes fresh because it is fresh—delivered all year From Our House to Your Home® Good for the Earth®!