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Washington Fruit & Produce Co.

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Employer Introduction

Washington Fruit was incorporated in 1916 by Fred B. Plath to grow, pack and ship apples, pears and peaches from the Yakima Valley. In the 1950s we started growing cherries for fresh packing. By the early 1970s we decided to remove our peach acreage to focus our energies on apples, pears and cherries only. Today the company is still family owned and operated. We farm apples, pears, cherries and wine grapes throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Oregon. In the 1940s, we started selling for Underwood Fruit, located in Bingen, WA. Underwood Fruit is based in the heart of the Mid-Columbia growing region that runs along the Washington and Oregon borders. Underwood Fruit grows, packs and ships apples, pears and cherries. In 2006, Washington Fruit also began selling for Hansen Fruit & Cold Storage Co. of Yakima. Hansen Fruit grows, packs and ships apples, pears and cherries. Washington Fruit's long and successful history is based on a commitment to quality, integrity and hard work day in and day out.