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Employer Introduction

Watsonville Produce, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Dominic Muzzi Sr. began farming in Monterey county in the 1960's. In 1984, the Muzzi family started Watsonville Produce, Inc. to distribute produce that Dominic was farming, along with other commodities from local growers. A few years after Watsonville Produce, Inc. was opened, the Muzzi family retired from the farming business, but continued distributing produce. In 1993, the business was expanded to include the growing market for fresh cut/value added produce. 

Watsonville Produce, Inc. processes at our Moss Landing, CA. facility - April through November. Winter production is done at our Yuma, AZ. facility (Red River Fresh Produce Facility) December through March.

We co-pack for a few large-volume customers with a small portion of the total production marketed under our own label “Dominic's”. With our dedication to Food Safety, our focus is to provide quality packs to the consumer and continue to grow in the industry.

We consider our employees part of our family and enjoy the close-knit atmosphere. Dominic Sr. works alongside his children, Dominic Jr. and Lisa who have key roles in all facets of the daily operations of the company.