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Industry Leaders Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
For 70 years, Western Precooling has been the partner of choice for growers and shippers to get fresh, healthy produce from the field to their customers.

Western Precooling was founded in 1942, when top icing was the universal cooling method. Over the years, we've refined precooling processes and developed our HydroVac™ system to help you deliver the freshest, healthiest produce to your customers throughout the world.

Today, Western Precooling and our associated companies provide equipment, facilities, and services to meet your seasonal or long-term needs.

Our industry leadership has remained consistent, even as technology and food-chain needs have changed. From top-icing - the leading precooling technology when we started in 1942 - to our HydroVacTM system, we continue to refine and improve precooling processes and systems, leading the industry and supporting our customers in providing the best produce possible throughout the world.

We're Here, Where and When You Need Us.

Today, Western Precooling and our associated companies provided equipment, facilities, and services At over 100 sites throughout the West's primary growing regions, Western Precooling and our associated companies deliver the experience, services, equipment, and peace of mind that growers and shippers need.  Whether your needs are seasonal or long-term, you can count on Western Precooling to give you stellar, solution-oriented service 24-hours a day.      
Most of our primary operations are in California and Arizona, where Western Precooling is involved in many produce cooling facilities where we receive, precool, store and ship product for our customers.

However, we do operate throughout the Western United States and in parts of Mexico, and have the expertise, systems and operations to support you almost anywhere you may be.