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If you want tomatoes in Toledo by Tuesday, or strawberries in Seattle by Saturday, a Produce Broker can get it done for you.

A produce broker is a salesperson who has access to any seller in the food chain, including packing houses, processors, agribusinesses, and mid- to large-scale farms. The broker facilitates negotiations between a willing seller and a willing buyer, which leads to a contract.

Careers in this field include: Produce Broker, Regional Sales and Broker Manager, Inside Broker, Broker Services Assistant, etc

San Francisco, California

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Description: Growers Distribution is the sister company of Growers Produce. We are seeking a Produce Broker that is detail-oriented, has excellent people skills, and has prior relationships with vendors / customers. Job Description: Purchase produce and...

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Description: We are offering a commission-based job where you can work remotely. We are looking for produce brokers who have prior relationships with vendors / customers. Job Description: Buying and selling a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables. Pr...