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If you want tomatoes in Toledo by Tuesday, or strawberries in Seattle by Saturday, a Produce Broker can get it done for you.

A produce broker is a salesperson who has access to any seller in the food chain, including packing houses, processors, agribusinesses, and mid- to large-scale farms. The broker facilitates negotiations between a willing seller and a willing buyer, which leads to a contract.

Careers in this field include: Produce Broker, Regional Sales and Broker Manager, Inside Broker, Broker Services Assistant, etc

Los Angeles, California

Maui Fresh International, LLC's picture
Description: Are you passionate about driving sales growth and building strong relationships in the fresh produce industry? Do you thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where integrity, clear goals, and robust vendor relationships are paramount? If so, we want you...
Glencoe, IL (Flexi...Illinois

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Description: Planet Harvest is a pioneering force in the produce industry, committed to connecting the dots between growers and vital end-users, such as food banks, schools, and large-scale distributors to ensure fresh, quality produce reaches those who need it most. Commi...