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Marketing Jobs

Marketing executives aim to maximise profits through developing sales strategies and marketing campaigns that match customer requirements by promoting produce or agriculture-related businesses and services. The role of a marketing executive can encompass creative, analytical, digital, media, commercial and administrative responsibilities. 

The details of a marketing role will vary depending on the type and size of employer. Executives are likely to work closely with other employees in areas such as advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution.

Some job titles that are common in this profession are Marketing Manager or Director, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Analyst, Marketing Consultant, etc.
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Description: We are a leading food company headquartered just outside of downtown Los Angeles looking for an Associate Marketing Manager who is passionate about the category, knowledgeable about the industry and well versed in both marketing and sales to join our team....
Orlando, Home/Remote, Orlando, Florida

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Description: The National Mango Board (NMB) is a national promotion and research organization, which is supported by assessments from domestic and imported mangos. The board’s mission is to increase awareness and consumption of fresh mangos in the U.S.
Monterey, California

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Description: Organics is one of, if not THE, fastest growing retail food trends over the past decade. Organics represents the shifts in how consumers view their foods and food origins, and how farmers have listened to the marketplace.

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Headquartered in Dover, NJ, Blanc Display Group is a grocery store merchandising specialist with extensive signage and display manufacturing capabilities. We are seeking a highly organized, detail-oriented, experienced salesperson to manage our Mi...