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Agronomy Jobs

An Agronomist is a “Scientist of Soil”. They are concerned with the principles and practice of soil management and field crop production. Agronomists conduct tests so they can figure out the best way to use land. Typical duties include measuring soil salinity and nutrient levels, performing statistical analysis of data and planting crops.

Agronomists are also wanted for Technical Sales positions working with seed and fertilizer companies.

Common career titles found in the agronomy field are: Field Agronomist, Director of Agronomy, Agronomy Sales, Agronomy Tech, etc

Bakersfield, Visal...California

Sun Pacific's picture
Description: With approximately 40,000 acres in California, Sun Pacific is the largest grower/shipper of navel oranges in the world, the largest grower/shipper of kiwi in North America, the 2nd largest grower/shipper of mandarins in North America, and the largest grower of...

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