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Farm Management Jobs

A Farm Manager is responsible for directing all activities necessary to operate and support a farm at maximum efficiency. This can include overseeing planting, irrigation, fertilization, pest management and interacting with other department managers to facilitate the coordination of work (Agronomists, Ranch Managers, Planting/Harvesting Managers, Sales, Accounting, and Human Resources Departments).

Possible careers in this field include Assistant Grower, Crop Category manager, Ranch Manager, Farm Manager, Director of Farming Operations, Senior Farm Manager, Farm Supervisor, Director of Growing, etc.

Covesville, Virginia
Featured Job
Crown Orchard's picture
Description: Do you love the outdoors? Have you ever thought how an apple or peach makes it to your fruit basket? If so, this job might be for you. Crown Orchard is seeking someone with top notch leadership skills to manage the company’s diverse orchard activities. H...
Delta, Utah

LiquaDry Inc's picture
Description: LiquaDry, Inc. is an organic farming and food manufacturing company. Since 1999 the company has produced premium quality juice powders that retain their natural color, flavor, and nutritional value. Our premium quality products are recognized and highly sought...

Scaroni Family of Companies's picture
Description: In operations since 1980, we are a family-owned vertically integrated full-service growing, labor, and harvesting company operating in Mexico and the USA. We provide services to well-known growers and shippers who provide fruits and vegetables to the nation...
Jennings, Florida

Santa Sweets, Inc.'s picture
Description: At Santa Sweets, we grow the best tasting tomatoes available in a safe, socially responsive and environmentally sustainable manner. Our code of business conduct is centered on ethics and integrity, foundations that guide everything we do. We have a terri...
Honokaa, Hawaii

Hawaiian B Natural Farms's picture
Description: Find your work/life balance here!  Family farm on the Big Island of Hawaii is looking for a hydroponic farm grower. We grow tomatoes and peppers year around in a ¼ acre computer controlled modern greenhouse and all our produce is sold locally....
Oxnard, California

Reiter Affiliated Companies's picture
Description: With a family legacy of farming, Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC) is proud to be the largest fresh, multi-berry producer in the world and the leading supplier of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries in all of North America. The Reiter...
California Central...California

Confidential - California Central Valley's picture
Description: We are one of the oldest grower, packer shippers in California’s central valley. We offer  more than 70 varieties of delicious herbs, leafy greens, fruits and other vegetables throughout the year. Our discerning customers know that when they order f...
Watsonville, California

Upstarts Organic Seedlings's picture
Description: Upstarts has been growing and distributing organic seedlings since 1989. Located in the heart of the Monterey Bay, we operate two large greenhouses in Watsonville. Our primary focus is supplying seedlings to wholesale buyers at nurseries in the Napa Valley, an...

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