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JOB FILLED - Procurement

Job Description: 
Come and be part of our team! 
We are looking for a highly talented and autonomous individual for the position of the buyer of  fresh products (procurement) with experience, who is ready to enter a leading company in  Asparagus and other products; This is a unique opportunity to join a vibrant and growing company  that offers a highly entrepreneurial environment and an unparalleled support team to maximize  its success. 
It is a key point for us to find the right person with the potential for advancement and the ability to  work independently in an accelerated environment. 
You will join a talented team that has a passion for the fresh produce business. We are looking  for candidates with a proven track record of purchasing agricultural products who are eager to  help maintain the company's reputation for integrity and excellence. It aims to achieve optimal  purchasing levels for all market conditions and drive sales growth by localizing new sources of  supply and expanding our product line offering. 
About us... 
We are a leading importer, exporter, marketer, and distributor of fresh vegetables of the best  quality. 
Diversity within our multicultural teams drives the company's growth strategy through quality  products, experience, and commitments to excellence. 
Job Description: 
General responsibilities require experience in the management and coordination in the production  and replenishment of fruits and vegetables, price negotiation, product quality, as well as flow and  distribution, to ensure the constant and uninterrupted delivery of them while identifying possible  obstacles that may affect, meet the strategic objectives of the company, by performing the  following functions:
  • Develops solid and profitable strategies for the purchase of fruits and vegetables, required  by the sales department staff. 
  • Manages and develops new business opportunities, through the research and introduction  of new products to the sales department.  
  • Analyzes sales trends.  
  • Analyzes product requirements, including preliminary specifications such as volume,  quality standards, best supplier, and date the product is needed.  
  • Shows solid experience in the agricultural products industry, to understand and  communicate production, distribution, seasonal availability, and trends.  
  • Requests and evaluates proposals for the requested product. Investigates and/or  interviews potential producers to determine if they meet the specified requirements. • Establishes, develops and maintains excellent relationships with the best producers, and  new and existing relationships. 
  • Advises team members or management about the appropriate grower to be used.  • Coordinates with the sales and materials department, volume, type, and arts of materials  to be used for product packaging.  
  • Coordinates with the Safety Department, regarding the certifications required by  customers, and requests the producer the same.  
  • You must have experience in managing and negotiating procurement contracts with  producers who comply with law and company regulations, by maintaining and building  relationships between producers and shippers (contracts), while demonstrating excellent  communication and relationship-building skills.  
  • Ensures that the product is delivered on time, at the negotiated price, and meets the quality  and company standards.  
  • You must be competent to drive continuous cost reductions through price negotiation,  optimal quality, and scheduling needs; as well as managing the reconciliation of estimates  vs production and maximizing the profitability of the company.  
  • Manages and coordinates with Packaging and quality controls to ensure consistent quality  and smooth flow of products and information, including product claims and rejections, as  well as disputes with producers.  
  • It should work well with minimal supervision, be an entrepreneur with great attention to  detail, with a passion for training, as well as regular and predictable assistance.  • Capacity is required to get along and work effectively with others. 
Education and/or experience 
  • Agronomy Engineer or equivalent.  
  • Experience in the position or similar: two years.  
  • Experience and/or related training, or equivalent combination of education and  experience.  
  • Experience with produce.  
  • Bilingual in English.  
  • Understanding regulatory requirements such as FSMA, PACA, and USDA, is a plus. 
  • Consistent, reliable, and communicative. 
  • Teamwork supports others in the organization as needed. 
  • Competent in the use of MS Office and other productivity applications. ❖ The practical knowledge of Famous software, ERP system, or equivalent is preferred but  is not mandatory. 
  • Maintain professional label when dealing with others (e.g. customers, suppliers, staff). 
Disclaimer: This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, skills,  efforts, requirements, or working conditions associated with the job. While this is  intended to be an accurate reflection of the current work, the administration reserves the  right to review the work or to require other or different tasks to be performed as  assigned.
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