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Employer Summary

Founded in 2016 after CEO Pradeep Elankumaran  became frustrated with the available grocery delivery companies, and seeing a way to make the process more efficient Farmstead now delivers the freshest, highest quality groceries in the San Francisco area. 

Our inventory tracker enables forecasting of what items are most sought after to avoid overstocking. The software also makes drivers’ routes as efficient as possible — saving time and gas — and allows for Farmstead to deliver within San Francisco city limits in just 35 minutes.

The company wastes less than 8 percent of its inventory, compared to 35 percent at a typical grocery store. Yet the bulk of that food is yanked out due to its sell by dates, not the quality. To utilize the rest, Farmstead has partnered with hunger alleviation nonprofit Food Runners to donate what can’t be sold.

“Farmstead is an important new partner of ours, helping us get healthy, locally sourced food to people in need,” said Nancy Hahn, operations manager of Food Runners, in a statement. “As a startup, to offer fresh food for daily donations to local residents says a lot about Farmstead as a company looking to give back and create a tight-knit food community, and we are deeply appreciative of their donations.”