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Administrative Jobs

Administration typically refers to support and administrative assistant roles. With that said, their are administrative roles as extensive as CAO - Chief Administrative Officer. From support to CAO, administrative roles are key to an efficient operation of an office, department or company. Produce companies rely on them to keep their offices running smoothly for maximum productivity.

Some of the job titles that exist in this field include Office Manager, Data Entry Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Clerical Coordinator, Client Services Specialist, Sales Assistant, Marketing Assistant , CAO and more.

West Palm, Florida

East Coast Farms and Vegetables's picture
Description: Make a vibrant first impression for a leading agribusiness! East Coast Farms & Vegetables, a family-owned packer, shipper, and logistics company delivering the freshest peppers, specialty peppers, squash, and cucumbers nationwide, seeks a friendly and p...
Salinas, California

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Description: Produce Alliance specializes in delivery of fresh produce to restaurants and other foodservice operators at higher quality and better prices. We provide produce category management services including procurement, national distribution, information services a...
Reedley, CA (Hybri...California

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Description: Fruit World is a fresh and creative produce sales company with a vision to keep family farms thriving into future generations. We specialize in growing and shipping organic and conventional citrus, and organic stone fruit, grapes and more, focusing on high fla...
Salinas, California

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Description: This job is just a test. Please do not apply. -Joe Produce Team