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Food Safety and QA QC Jobs

Food quality assurance employees deal with the overall quality and safety of a company's produce and are responsible for certifying that produce complies with standards set by both the companies and regulatory authorities. They may develop and review quality and safety policies and manage audits by third-party inspectors. A number of certifications may be required.

Quality Control Specialist, Food Safety Manager, Compliance & QA Coordinator & Quality Assurance Inspector are a few of the types of job titles you might find in this area.

Salinas, CA (able...Arizona, Salinas, CA (able...California
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Description: Nature’s Reward is family-owned and operated. The Nature's Reward roots run deep in the Salinas Valley soil, and our company is one of the few remaining family-run agricultural businesses in the Salinas Valley. We pride ourselves on providing high-qu...
Salinas, California
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Description: Row 7 is eager to connect with proven, process-oriented professionals who have effectively scaled and managed food safety and quality systems and demonstrated leadership in developing, implementing, and maintaining organizational and regulatory quality and foo...
Salinas Valley, California

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Description: We are a family-owned and operated produce company that uses sustainable agricultural practices to produce safe, high-quality produce while minimizing the environmental impact on the land so that its employees and customers can maintain a high quality of life....
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Description: SUMMARY: This position is responsible for Managing the Safety - Food Safety Program of the Company. The Safety - Food Safety Manager will develop and oversee all safety and food safety regulations, policies for the Yuma area of operations. This position wil...
Salinas, California

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Description: Innovative grower in California’s Salinas Valley, Brawley, CA, and Yuma, Arizona is seeking an individual with experience in growing/harvesting, field quality and food safety inspections and finished product evaluations. Additional company information to...