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Food Safety and QA QC Jobs

Food quality assurance employees deal with the overall quality and safety of a company's produce and are responsible for certifying that produce complies with standards set by both the companies and regulatory authorities. They may develop and review quality and safety policies and manage audits by third-party inspectors. A number of certifications may be required.

Quality Control Specialist, Food Safety Manager, Compliance & QA Coordinator & Quality Assurance Inspector are a few of the types of job titles you might find in this area.

Watsonville, California

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Description: We are seeking a Director of Food Safety – Processing Operations to join our team in Watsonville, CA. This position will lead the Food Safety and Compliance team to ensure the safety and quality of all food products. The Director of Food Safety is res...
Fresno, California

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Description: Make a real difference in ensuring everyone has access to fresh, high-quality produce! OK Produce is on a mission to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to everyone. We're not just talking, we're delivering on the Fresh Revolution by offering affordab...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Description: Are you passionate about ensuring quality in the produce industry? Do you have experience in fresh produce and a keen eye for detail? If so, we want YOU to join our team as a Quality Control Inspector in Philadelphia, PA. About Us: Procacci Bro...
Salinas Valley, California

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Description: As the Food Safety Manager, you will be responsible for: Lead the Food Safety team, providing daily direction and guidance. Stay informed about State/Federal requirements (FDA, USDA, CDHS, NOP, etc.) and implement pest control measures. Ensure co...