JOB FILLED - Executive Director

Job Description: 

The California Leafy Greens Research Program is a marketing order funded with mandatory assessments on leafy greens handlers and is administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The primary purpose of the marketing order is to fund applied research on leafy greens. The Executive Director reports to the California Leafy Greens Research Board of Directors. The Executive Director’s understanding of California vegetable production systems and familiarity with applied agricultural research and technology helps to guide the direction of the program. The executive director provides leadership in developing research priorities for the program and works with university and USDA researchers to ensure that funded projects meet the needs of the industry. Traditionally, research efforts have focused on plant breeding, pest management, and development of agricultural management practices to address product quality, food safety, and regulatory concerns.


Candidates should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in an agricultural science.  An advanced degree is preferred. The Board is looking for candidates with fifteen years work experience in the produce industry, preferably in vegetable production and/or experience in applied agricultural research.  Please submit résumé along with salary requirements.

Responsibilities & Duties: 

The Executive Director is responsible for the day to day operation of the Board office, which is located in Salinas, California. Those responsibilities include planning and conducting all Board meetings, recordkeeping, publishing annual research reports and maintaining good communication with industry members, researchers, and the public. 

The Executive Director oversees the Program using sound financial practices and is responsible for the development of research and operating budgets, distribution of monthly financial reports to the Board’s Executive Committee, maintenance of official records in compliance with State regulations, and participation in annual financial and compliance audits, as required by CDFA.

The Executive Director represents the program at other agency meetings and participates in an array of technical committees, review panels, industry tours, and other industry-related activities. Excellent communication skills are essential in order to effectively interface with industry, researchers, allied industries and the general public.

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