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JOB FILLED - Ranch Manager

Job Description: 

Job Summary:

The Ranch Manager is responsible for directing and coordinating, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities related to the cultivation and management of ranch property. Key responsibilities include labor organization, conducting safety and work training, and supporting orchard supervisors in meeting production and quality goals. This involves identifying issues, communicating effectively, and creating actionable steps for solutions.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Horticulture program management.
  • Food safety practices.
  • Accident Prevention Plan and Worker Safety Practices.
  • Operational accounting.

Required Experience/Skills:

  • 5-year minimum experience managing tree fruit orchards.
  • Leadership and Communication Skills: Includes organization, motivation, humility, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and being a team player.
  • Ability to work in a challenging and dynamic environment.
  • Bilingual: English/Spanish.
  • Efficient management of company resources and labor.
  • Effective communication skills, including leading operational and safety meetings and training others in agricultural equipment use.
  • Proficiency in smartphone usage, smartphone applications, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Self-motivation and a desire for continuous learning and growth.

Certifications Required:

  • Valid WA State Driver’s License.
  • First Aid Card (Can acquire with in first 6 months).
  • WSDA Commercial Pest License (preferred).

Abilities Required:

  • Physically fit for orchard tasks.
  • Flexible work schedule, including on-call availability.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Lead daily orchard supervisor meetings and create agendas.
  • Assist in coordinating irrigation schedules with orchard supervisors.
  • Collaborate with an Agricultural Consultant to determine proper spray program, specific recommendations and approve for application.
  • Ensure the timely availability of all necessary products (chemicals, fertilizers, supplies, tools, etc.) to prevent any interruptions in tasks.
  • Maintain accurate spray and fertilizer records.
  • Ensure adherence to all spray/fertilizer application procedures.
  • Ensure that practices and record-keeping comply with organic certification standards.
  • Maintain accurate tracking and records of all trials, and present reports detailing the results.
  • Guarantee the success of organic certification inspections.
  • Supervise and approve orders for orchard maintenance materials.
  • Conduct monthly Gemba walks with direct reports and create action plans.
  • Ensure compliance with, and training in, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Set and communicate priorities for orchard tasks and schedules.
  • Guarantee proper pruning, thinning, planting, and grafting practices take place following group decisions
  • Provide coaching and enforce accountability among orchard supervisors.
  • Enforce worker safety in accordance with the Accident Prevention Plan.
  • Plan and oversee production, personnel, and equipment strategies.
  • Ensure the maintenance of food safety documentation and promote a culture of safety.
  • Manage the budget and provide production estimates.
  • Coordinate labor, equipment, and tool needs with other company ranch managers.
  • Conduct annual employee reviews.
  • Review personnel time and piece-rate work daily in timecard software to ensure proper allocation and values
  • Oversee and coordinate crews for various specific ranch projects.
  • Coordinate harvest operations, including determining timing, harvest priority, estimates, labor, and equipment needs.
  • Remain innovative and continuously seek out new products, services, and procedures that can enhance productivity and profitability.
  • Make sure all roads are kept in good condition thru out the year.
  • Conduct procedures to motivate and engage team members.
  • Oversee housing and mechanic shop operations to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Supervision Positions:

  • Orchard, Shop and Housing Supervisors.
  • Coffee/Parts Runner.
  • Manager Assistants.
  • Spray/Fertilizer Coordinators.
  • Standard KPIs (Key performance indicators).
  • Safety Accident Percentage – Zero Harm. HIITS Awards.
  • Cost per Acre – Meet or beat estimates for all expenses within 10%.
  • Timely Submission of Training and Accident Records.
  • Team compliance with administrative tasks responsibilities.
  • SOP and Company Policy Compliance.
  • Cherry Production Targets.
  • Apple and Pear Production Targets.

Reports to:

Director of Production

Confidential Job: 

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